Company with rich history.


We have 65 years of experience in the furniture production industry and a process of industrialization which is still evolving today.

The passion and dedication we put into our work has made us a family company, currently within three generations.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

From the founder, Ljubisha Smilevski- skilled craftsman of handcrafted luxury wooden furniture, to Tiho Smilevski- bringing machine production into the furniture making process and extended the palette with contemporary materials, Interior and Product Designer Elena Smilevska Gornjevska - Interior Design Bachelor via Accademia Italiana and Master in Industrial Design via Faculty of Mechanical engineering- Skopje and M.Arch. Sinolichka Smilevska - Master of Architecture via Faculty of Architecture Skopje, bringing together: tradition & innovation, experience & knowledge, technics & art.


years on the market

More than a half a century working and gathering knowledge.


projects realized

More than 2567 projects realized in the last 10 years.


% satisfaction

Customers with years-long collaboration.